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Change of Name

Change of Name

There are several reasons why someone wants to change their name or name or their child’s name. Regardless of the reason, the process is the same.

Who can change the name?

A citizen of Seychelles by birth or naturalization and has resided in Seychelles for three years may apply in writing to the Chief Officer of the Civil Status for permission to make change(s) or addition(s) of his name, surname or family name.

Where do I need to go?

You need to go to the Civil Status office in Independence house on ground floor.

What documents do I require?

• Birth certificate,
• Citizenship regitration / naturalization certificate.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the application is SR500/- and the publications in the gazette is around SR300/-.

What I should know about changing my name?

• The application will be published three times in the Official Gazette for four months. The application will be approved if no objection has been lodged or on good and sufficient ground in support of the application. 
• Once you are married, automatically your husband's surname will be your new surname. You need not go to Civil Status office to change your surname.
• If you happen to be divorced and you wish to be known by your maiden name, then you need to certify with the Civil Status office as to that you are divorced. Then you can proceed to get your new National Identity card.

Where do I get more information?

Central office – Independence House Ground Floor
Telephone No: + (248) 429 36 04 

Telephone No: + (248) 42 33 904 / 429 36 13 / 429 36 14

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