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Dependant's Permit

A Seychelles citizen  may apply for a Dependant's permit for his/her spouse and minor child/children who are not a Seychelles citizen and who is/are to reside with him/her in Seychelles.

The application form is to be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Documentary proof of Seychelles citizenship of the applicant e.g. Copy of Seychelles passport bio data page/ Birth certificate/Registration or naturalisation certificate ;
  • Copy of dependant's passport bio data page
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Child/children's birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Documentary proof of means to support dependant (e.g. payslip, saving etc.
  • Security Bond  (Check the sum required)

Civil Status Office

Temorary Contact Number : 4674577 / 4674578

Note : Please bring a SR50 stamp to the Civil Status office whenever you are retrieving any Certificate.

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