Death Registration

Death  declaration should be within 24 hours of passing away of the person at the Civil Status office.

The declaration should be done by two informants after receiving the Medical's Certificate from a Medical Officer.

If the Medical certificate cannot be obtained, the informants should contact the Police Department before proceeding to make the declaration

The Identity Card of the deceased as well for the informant should be available to produce to the Civil Status Officer.

After the declaration, procedures have been carried out the Civil Status officer will issue a death certificate and burial permit to the informant.

The informant will proceed to the Social Services (funeral parlor) with the death certificate and proceed with the burial permit to the cemetery for necessary formalities if applicable.

No interment or cremation can take place until the death of the deceased has been registered by the Civil Status office and a permit /certificate has been issued by the Civil Status Office.


  • Formalities for the death registration will be done as per normal office operation on Monday to Friday from to 4.00pm.
  • A standby officer is available during the weekend and Public Holidays as per below
  • Saturday from 08:30 am until 02:00pm
  • Sunday and Public Holidays 09:00am until 12:noon

The officer can be contacted on Phone Number (+248)2 82 34 09.