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UNODC, Seychelles team up to combat human trafficking

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime yesterday kick-started a three-day workshop on human trafficking whereby it will conduct a scenario-based training exercise to assess the effectiveness of National Anti-Trafficking in Person Legislative (TIP).

President Wavel Ramkalawan’s second presidential press conference

‘No victimisation in government restructuring’

 “There is no victimisation, we have no intentions of firing anyone, but instead we want to use the local pool of talents in a more productive way. This is what we call performance-based management,” President Wavel Ramkalawan said in response to a question about victimisation in government restructuring.

Mesaz alokazyon Lafet Travayer/Labour Day messages

‘San korperasyon kolektif nou pa pou arive delivre lo nou lobzektif’

 “Alokazyon Lafet Travayer, mon ti a kontan dabor remersye e felisit tou bann travayer ki pe pran zot travay serye. Lo lapar mon Minister, mon oule fer rapel tou bann anplwaye ki san zot devouman e perseverans pour napa gran rezilta. Nou tou nou bezwen kolabore pour donn en pli bon servis dan nou kominote e nou pei. San korperasyon kolektif nou pa pour arive delivre lo nou lobzektif.

Immigration and Civil Status Seychelles

The Seychelles Immigration maintains an effective Border Control, Assess claims of citizenship of Seychelles and reponsible for the issuance of passports to citizens of Seychelles.

Immigration and Civil Status Seychelles

Living and working in Seychelles

All expatriate workers in Seychelles require a Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP). Without this, non-Seychellois are not permitted to work full time or part time, paid or unpaid.


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