The Seychelles Bio-Metric Passport was first introduced by the Seychelles Government in November 2022. The new passport has new security features and a microchip within the page which contains your personal information. The introduction of the Bio-Metric passport ushers in the era of modernisation and puts Seychelles on par with international norms. The new passports have improved security features which also lessens the like-hood of fraud.

The process does not require an application form,applicants are required present themselves at the enrolment office and present the appropriate documents to the customer service agent.

Citizens applying for passport renewal are required to submit their old passport and National Identity Number card, to the enrolment officer.

If you are applying for the first time you need to provide your original or certified copy of your birth certificate and National Identity Number card.

Applicants are then vetted and all details are documented. Once completed applicants may proceed to cashier for payment.

First time applicants are vetted and once verified proceeds to the cashier for payment.

Upon completion of payment applicants submit their bio-data as follows:

Photograph, fingerprints and digital signature are taken.

Receipt of payment remains with the applicant for collection. 

Collection may be done 72 hours (3 working days) after enrollment.

Seychelles Passport Application

Please address all correspondence to the Principal Secretary

Alain Volcere (Mr)
Principal Secretary
Immigration and Civil Status Department
P.O Box 430,
Independence House Victoria,